Philly and Suzy

FatCatMusic.Store has a inspirational,fun sexy, vibe. This cutting edge collection of music videos are witty, entertaining and wildy popular. It will put a smile on your face and after about 3 minutes, you will feel like you are on vacation!

It's not often that the West Coast lines up with the East Coast. However, with Suzette McGoldrick (Suzy) Spokane, Washington and Philip Swing (Philly) Archdale, North Carolina this happened.

Here is their Story.

They both experienced a significant loss that could have consumed them. They met on a "Loss of Spouse" website which is frequented by grieving widows. The conversations started with comments and texts. Soon they turned to phone calls and Facetime.

The Facetime visits became more frequent and longer in duration, which helped bridge the 2500 mile distance between them.

During these visits they discovered a common bond, a passion for music. Creativity began to flow with lyrics and chords. Songs and videos began to blossom. In addition, laughter, hope, happiness, comfort and solace were restored.

Suzy and Philly found renewed joy while writing the original works we have all grown to love. Their musical histories were blending and something new was happening.

Little did they know that these countless hours developing these original works would birth FatCatMusic.Store!

At FatCatMusic.Store, unlike any music videos you have ever seen, they put a smile on your face and in the first 3 minutes make you feel like you are on vacation. That is their goal!

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